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Bullying PSA

A Public Service Announcement for students to learn about bullying.

Originally a school project, the Bullying PSA was created to educate students about bullying. (from an FCS standpoint) 

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The Facts on Bullying

As part of an assignment, students had to educated other students on bullying. The project needed to include:

  • Four Articles/Sections
  • One of the four articles must have graphs.
  • Cover material within FCSI Standards

A Smooth Flowing, Beautiful Website

While the Bullying PSA was meant to cover topics that relate to abusive behavior and emotion, this was meant to relieve that, all in a beautiful design and smooth flowing website.

The color palette is simple, gray, red and yellow. These colors when read in a hurry feel 'safe'. 

It starts out with some simple text "Bullying/Cyberbullying PSA" and then in larger, bold font "The Facts". Following this text is a red button that says "Tell Me More" which smoothly transitions you to the first section "Who's Affected?" 

Animation - Are a major part of this website. They move the user smoothly through the website. Remember, the point of the website is to keep the user feeling safe.
The navbar also keeps track of what page the user is on and turns the section in the navbar yellow.

Bullying PSA
Public Service Announcement · One Page · Draft